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Eden hills - gv`aot eden

the Jewish dream home presents:

Land for sale 980 sqm

The community of Gva’ot Eden is located east of Beit Shemesh.

Givot Eden - "Eden Hills" is located in one of the most beautiful areas in Israel, surrounded entirely by breathtaking nature.

It's a new settlement In the center of the country.

located in the Ella Valley in the area of the regional council, Mateh Yehuda, near excellent educational institutions, nature reserves, and heritage sites. This is your place for a fulfilling life - family life, community, culture, and nature.

A vision that miraculously elevates the values of community, tolerance, roots, environment, and sustainability.

'Hills of Eden' has been carefully planned and designed to serve as an optimal living environment for the individual, family, and community.

The three guiding principles in establishing the settlement are:
Quality of Life
In a diverse community
The hills of heaven miraculously elevate the saying "a man in his faith shall live." It is a community that respects and cherishes the spiritual-communal lives of its residents. The 'Hills of Eden' community will be built together by secular, religious, and traditional people, who will enjoy a rich social and community life, and cultural, leisure, sports, and education services.

And quality construction
Hills of Eden is designed with the whole fabric of individual, family, and community life in mind. Along with ensuring high-quality construction, walking, running and cycling trails, common green areas, an archeological park, and the allocation of space for public buildings are planned: kindergartens, a youth club, a synagogue, and sports buildings.

We are committed to high standards of environmental protection while building in integration with nature and establishing supportive infrastructures for environmental care.

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